Horse Racing Betting & Odds

With, we seek to offer detailed information on the most relevant and up to date offer and welcome bonuses available across a variety of bookmakers. In addition to this, we also provide an overview of all the terms and conditions concerned to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the promotions covered.

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Horse Racing Betting Facts & Key Information to Keep In Mind

1. The Age and Weight of  Racehorses
The racehorses usually live around 30 years but the majority retires around the age of 15. Just like athletes, they have a prime and no horse over 18 has won any races. The race horses are bred to make sure that they are lightweight and agile. That’s why they never weight more than 1,000 lbs or 453.60 kg.

2. What Race Horses Do After they Retire?
All of them, even the gold cup winning ones, eventually become dressage horses.

3. What About the Jockeys?
Well, jockeys also must be lightweight. There is a weight limit of 126 pounds. Also, it isn’t a secret that jockeys are generally short in height.

4. Who is the Lightest Jockey?
Currently, the lightest jockey is Giovanni Porte, who weighs 88 pounds.

5. How Much is the Horse Betting Sum?
Every year, over $100 billion is bet on horse racing.

6. What About the Triple Crown?
Only 15 horses have managed to win the Triple Crown. The most recent was American Pharoah in 2015 and as it had been 37 years since the last winner, many believed that it may never happen again. The reason why is the long distances needed to complete the Triple Crown and the fact that many choose not to put their horses in that competition.

8. What Are the Free Bets in Horse Racing?
Free bets are what most bettors are looking for at the promotions of bookmakers because they are risk-free and offered by the operator. It depends on the offer, you can get them with a minimum deposit or no deposit at all. For example, a horse betting player can take a 100% first deposit bonus of £100 and be rewarded with £100 to place in free bets.

9. What is a Promo Code in Horse Betting?
All the bookmakers have offers that most commonly you need a promo or a bonus code to get them. That means that even if the promotion exists in order to activate it you need a promo code.

10. Horse Betting Odds Explained
Fractional odds on horse betting are of course pretty important. If you want to bet, you need to understand the odds. When you see for example “1/4” it means that the horse in question has the most chances to win the race. So, for every four units you stake, you will receive one if you win, plus your stake.

Remember to play responsibly and enjoy your time.